Alison Lovejoy Spain
Marcia's Window InstalledMarcia's WindowMarcia's Window, DetailMarcia's Window, DetailMarcia's Window Panel IMarcia's Window Panel IIMarcia's Window Panel IIIMarcia's Window Panel IV1/12 1/12 Alternate View1/12 Detail I1/12 Detail IIRolling Stones WindowRolling Stones Window, Alternate ViewStones Window Hanging IStones Window Hanging IIStones Window Hanging IIIStones Panel IStones Panel IIStones Panel IIIStones Detail IStones Detail IIStones Detail IIIStones Detail IVStones Detail VStones Detail VIStones Detail VIIStones Detail VIII
Windows & Boxes
Collages & Found Object Assemblages. I generally make these as gifts & they usually have a theme that attempts to woo the receiver. I thought it would be interesting to start documenting these random pieces.

I will work with individual clients to develop a personalized theme and format for one of a kind artwork, gifts, and mementos to mark special and significant occasions. Please email for more information.