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public art, painting, mural, corn, abstraction, Mexico, naturalistic, Guernica
Kgoyom, para la compañera Hilaria
Latex & Oil on Canvas
11.5 feet x 25.5 feet*

Kgoyom is the Totanaca name for Huehuetla, Puebla, a town in the Northern Sierra of Puebla State, México. I lived here for the better part of a year while I was learning about corn and the Totonac-Náhuatl struggle to preserve native strains.

Large scale canvas piece seeks comfy home in public space, theatre, installation and/or site-specific situation. The pieces is just over 25 feet in length and close to 12 feet in height.*

20% of sale will be contributed to a micro-enterprise initiative for women artisans in the Sierra Norte of Puebla, México.

*Dimensions duplicate Guernica (Pablo P.), from the series 'Gernika Revisited'