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Globos en la Milpa
Globos en la Milpa
Charcoal on Paper
96" x 42"

For Day of the Dead celebrations in the Sierra Norte, children make small, hot air balloons (globos) out of tissue paper and wire, generally having some sort of geometric, polygon-type form. With amazing little armatures, they ignite a rag which fills the balloon with air and sends it up into the sky. I was told that the globos are to guide the spirits of departed family home for the celebration. Whether that's the case or just western romanticism, I don't know. It's a beautiful sight, fraught with risk- half of the balloons seem to catch fire before they get too far. The successful ones travel to insane heights and made quite a sight from the shelter of the cornfields.

20% of the sale of this piece will go to support the activities of a new, autonomous indigenous school in Huehuetla, México.