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La Milpa
La Milpa
Charcoal on Paper
96" x 42"

La Milpa means field, or corn field. In the village where I lived in México, Huehuetla (Kgoyom), the corn grew on super steep hillsides. I often walked with my students to their homes, up to two hours away from the school where I worked (CESIK). We would generally pass through multiple milpas on the way, and it was a special feeling to be walking through fields of corn taller than people. My understanding is that the environment where I worked is quite degraded, with major erosion and soil depletion. Complex "development" plans to bring the people into a market economy have resulted in intensive over-farming, mono-cropping, chemical use, etc. The land is tired.

20% of the sale of this work will be donated to indigenous organizations fighting to preserve native corn in the Sierra Norte de Puebla.