Drawing + Painting > Small Works + Illustration

For a few job-chasing years I have had limited studio space, thus the need to forgo large format painting & drawing, or what I sometimes like to think of as my real work. I now have several small series, some that seem like straight illustration, some that seem more appropriate for kids' rooms, and some lone cowboys.

Anyway, this is what happens when your 1300 sq. ft. warehouse space/studio morphs into a rental cabin in the woods or you decide to briefly pursue another grad degree because you realize an MFA is kind of like a 2nd English degree. The little works are a different, tighter process, and I'm now trying to translate some of that into oil and charcoal. You know, the real work. It's funny how artists get hung up on serious vs. commercial, as if there was some real difference in the end. Sometimes the doodles want to be paid attention to as well.